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Deanne from Louisville

"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia four years ago and didn't have the energy or the desire to ANY kind of exercise.....much less a high impact aerobics workout. Tonya did a Zumba® Fitness class at Spencer County's Relay for Life in early June and my daughters both LOVED it. They got me to try a Zumba® Fitness class with them (against my better judgment!!).

Now here I am just a couple of months later, and I've already lost 17 pounds!!!! Besides losing weight I've been carrying for over ten years, my fibromyalgia is much better. I went from a pain level of 8-9 every single day to a 2-3 most days. I went from a couch potato to being addicted to
Zumba® Fitness!!! It is definitely the most fun I have EVER had exercising!!! It's not even like exercise (other than sweating like crazy!!).........we just dance and have a blast and the hour goes by too quickly!!!!

Tonya and Lori, thank you so much for all of your encouragement -- and for adapting some of the moves to allow for my knee surgery!! If I can do
Zumba® Fitness at my age (48), you definitely need to give it a try!! It's the most fun you'll ever have exercising!!!!"

Jennifer from Valley Station

"Its a far drive. . . but WORTH IT! I have only been twice and I already love it. I have told all my friends about it. I am going to Zumba® Fitness my way to a Jamaica worthy body!"


I have been going to Zumba classes since July 2011. I have always loved Zumba as an exercise itself, but there is something extra special about Tonya. It shows in every class that she loves what she does. She is motivating, energetic, helpful and always wants her students to have fun. I know that besides Zumba, fitness and having a healthy lifestyle are both priorties for Tonya. She has helped them become my priorites too! Keep shakin' it! I love it! What you are doing makes a difference.


Awesome instructor! Many thanks for the opportunity to work out with you. I am 56 years old and thought why not give it a shot. To my surprise I love it and have been able to complete the classes (with a few short breaks some days). CCBC is such an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. The encouragement and joy in the gym is such a great blessing.


I really hate to exercise, but I love Zumba. I am worn out afterward, but it feels good.        


I Have been going to Zumba for about 2 months now, I absolutely hate to work out, but this is not your typical boring routine, it's an absolute blast, I love it!!! Tonya is the most AWESOME instructor EVER!!! :-) My girls and I never miss it. Thank you Tonya for being so great at what you do to make the rest of us love it so much.


I love coming to your Zumba classes. I am over weight and have no rhythm and was nervous to go to any type of exercise class but I started coming with another coworker about 4 weeks ago and love it! Never thought I would enjoy exercising - so thank you for making it fun!


Tonya has an amazing energy and passion for fitness that is truly contagious. Her Zumba and Fusion classes will make you forget that you are "working out" -- that is until you realize that each week you have more and more energy, you find more and more muscle definition, and before long you're buying new jeans.


I love your classes!!!! You are awesome! Your classes give me a great workout! I feel energized and sweaty!!!  You are a great teacher and motivator ........Dont ever stop!!!


Started doing Zumba at CCBC in Fern Creek and LOVE IT!!! Tonya, you're fabulous!!


Tonya, I been certified to teach Zumba since 2009. For a time, I could not find a venue to teach classes. In 2010, you were such an inspiration and the motivating force behind me finding opportunities to teach. Just want to say thank you very much. You're the 'Chick" for success for sure. Love ya girlfriend.


Zumba is soooo much fun and it's a great workout...Tonya, you are seriously amazing! I can't wait till next time!